Food you wouldn’t eat our Ketchup with

We recently went shopping in downtown Stuttgart; admittedly Stuttgart is an utterly ugly city if you focus on the CBD. But as soon…

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“If Barbara were an angel, I pray she’d watch over me” – from a song about ‘Barbara’ by ‘The Temptations’. She did –…

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Eat every Day as if it were your Last

The Tomato had just arrived on a boat from across the Atlantic when Joan de Joanes painted the world’s most famous…

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The Recipe found Us

The Curtice Brothers created their first ketchup in 1868 but records of the original recipe, however, did not survive. We therefore began…

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A Neck that is narrower than the Body

A bottle is a rigid container with a neck that is narrower than the body; so we thought, until we started…

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Is Obstinacy a Virtue?

18 years ago I went to university in Adelaide, South Australia, to party a lot and learn very little, thus my…

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The Key Ingredient

You normally make new friends when you start your job at a new company. Sure, there are plenty of co-workers that…

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Curtice Brothers United

Have you ever travelled more than 9000 km one-way for a good steak with fries? That is what the Curtice Brothers…

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Love and Food

Mario travels a lot – across continents and time-zones. Sometimes we travel together and sometimes we share a room; and sometimes…

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John Kelly

In 1904 after working as a fireman for the past five years John began work as a laborer for the Curtice…

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The Beginning

Curtice Brothers Co. Preservers Rochester NY in 1868, brothers Simeon and Edgar Curtice founded a small grocery store in Rochester, New…

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