Marco Simonis and the Finer Things

Cooking delicious food is as simple as enjoying it. It requires neither skill nor expertise, neither talent for it nor a…

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Mindfulness and Candour

Some years ago I read a book by Simon Sinek in which he noted that People do not buy what you do but why you…

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Viennese Accomplishments

The most delightful of days usually are the ones to which I wake up in the morning asking myself what to cook for dinner….

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Field Trip to Copenhagen

I am the Curtice Brothers’ gopher. My job is to take care of everything apart from the complicated things. I do not…

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The first 10.000 Bottles

No one was convinced that this would work except Mario and Vittorio. It seemed that we had not found the right…

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Botanical Excursions

I recently visited a chili exhibition and found the ‘Carolina Reaper’ on display which the Guinness Book dubbed the hottest chili in…

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Which Ketchup goes best with Wine

Early this summer four of the six Curtice Brothers met in Tuscany to cook the first 5000 bottles of Tomato Ketchup intended…

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A little Ketchup each Day keeps the Opponent at Bay

Did you know that ketchup is good for you? It is indeed if consumed in moderate amounts. Lycopene for instance, which is the pigment…

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Our Ketchup contains 85%* less Sugar

Perhaps you saw this recent picture of Barbara with the first six of five thousand bottles of our most recent ketchup production; we cooked…

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Food you wouldn’t eat our Ketchup with

We recently went shopping in downtown Stuttgart; admittedly Stuttgart is an utterly ugly city if you focus on the CBD. But as soon…

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“If Barbara were an angel, I pray she’d watch over me” – from a song about ‘Barbara’ by ‘The Temptations’. She did –…

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Eat every Day as if it were your Last

The Tomato had just arrived on a boat from across the Atlantic when Joan de Joanes painted the world’s most famous…

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