Mindfulness and Candour

Some years ago I read a book by Simon Sinek in which he noted that People do not buy what you do but why you…

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Viennese Accomplishments

The most delightful of days usually are the ones to which I wake up in the morning asking myself what to cook for dinner….

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Field Trip to Copenhagen

I am the Curtice Brothers’ gopher. My job is to take care of everything apart from the complicated things. I do not…

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The first 10.000 Bottles

No one was convinced that this would work except Mario and Vittorio. It seemed that we had not found the right…

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Botanical Excursions

I recently visited a chili exhibition and found the ‘Carolina Reaper’ on display which the Guinness Book dubbed the hottest chili in…

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Which Ketchup goes best with Wine

Early this summer four of the six Curtice Brothers met in Tuscany to cook the first 5000 bottles of Tomato Ketchup intended…

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