Disrespecting Conformity

The average life span for the majority of our human ancestors was less than 30 years. While looking forward to retirement…

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Love doesn’t require Schnitzel

Some people prefer their home to feel safe and comfortable. Others prefer the rush in public spaces. In Vienna, where hospitality…

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The Nobility of Childishness

Although adults’ ultimate goal in life is finding happiness, they rarely find true happiness as easily as children do. And children…

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Marco Simonis and the Finer Things

Cooking delicious food is as simple as enjoying it. It requires neither skill nor expertise, neither talent for it nor a…

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Mindfulness and Candour

Some years ago I read a book by Simon Sinek in which he noted that People do not buy what you do but why you…

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Viennese Accomplishments

The most delightful of days usually are the ones to which I wake up in the morning asking myself what to cook for dinner….

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