Surely food and love can evoke the deepest sensual and emotional desires you could possibly have, and thus create a connection with anyone or anything.

In the context of sensual desire, I am not sure if a Big Mac, for instance, qualifies as food. But I think that on a warm summer’s evening, sitting on the hood of your car next to the girl or boy you recently fell madly in love with, watching the sun set, while eating two cheap burgers with fries could bear the potential to become one of the most memorable moments of your life.

On the other hand, if you imagine being served the most pristine Wagyu steak or the most decadent food-art arranged on an over-dimensioned plate, garnished with some micro-greens, but consumed in solitude, would that provide you with nearly the same pleasure as a simple meal enjoyed in pleasant company? I don’t think it would.

The point is: enjoying food is not about quality nor quantity. It is about context and meaning.

Our sauces are there for you to enjoy in good company, to savour and share moments matter. So we hope that on some warm summer’s evening we will be sitting – in the form of a small ketchup bottle – on the hood of someone’s car, next to a girl or a boy whom someone recently fell madly in love with, watching the sun set, offering their burgers and fries a culinary upgrade. Big Mac or not, we don’t care.