150 years ago Louis Lartet discovered the first identified skeletons of the early Homo sapiens sapiens, Thomas Edison filed for his very first patent and Andrew Johnson, as the first of (as of yet) two American presidents was impeached.

1868 also marks the birthday of the Curtice Brothers Company when Simeon and Edgar Curtice, uncertain what to do with a surplus of fresh tomatoes from their small grocery store, first decided to cook their own ketchup and distribute it locally. Their product sold so successfully that the brothers soon expanded their production and eventually distributed their ketchup throughout North America. In 1920, both Curtice brothers having passed away, the company was unfortunately broken up by various acquisitions and the name of the two brothers’ disappeared from the scene. Dormant for the following 100 years, the Curtice Brothers brand continued its existence only in the memory of a few.

That is until we discovered the brand and, struck by its beautiful heritage, decided to bring it back to life. We began immersing ourselves in the history of the old Curtice Brothers, researched their origins, tried to reconstruct their history and even found some of their descendants.

One of them is a 14 year old boy from White Plains, New York. His name is Curtice James and he is the grand-grand-grand-grand-son of Edgar N. Curtice. On December 12, Curtice James will turn 15. And as we don’t know the exact day in 1868 when the old Curtice Brothers founded their business, we decided to join him and celebrate our 150th birthday also on the 12th.

Happy birthday Curtice! *
Happy birthday Brothers!

* Curtice, I hope that you will have an awesome birthday party, good friends celebrating with you and a little blue box full of little red bottles to arrive in time for your winter bbq. All the best from the brothers for you and your family! And, by the way, CBs will soon be near you in all Eataly stores in the US; six palettes full of ketchup are currently on a boat crossing the Atlantic.