Tuscan butcher Dario Cecchini helps industry figures launch artisan organic ketchup under resurrected Curtice Brothers banner: A group of restaurant leaders, including former Vapiano executive board member Mario C.Bauer and Sticks ‘n’ Sushi UK boss Andreas Karlsson, have launched an artisan organic ketchup under resurrected heritage brand Curtice Brothers. Curtice Brothers Ketchup was launched at D&D London’s Bluebird restaurant in Chelsea with the help of Tuscan butcher and Bistecca Fiorentina icon Dario Cecchini.

Over 120 renowned industry guests including Charlie Carroll (Founder Flatiron), Duncan Garrodd (CEO Bills) as well as the whole St. Johns Team. We also spotted best-selling Author Paola DianaAngela Hartnett (Gordon Ramsey), Tony Reynolds, Kevin Todd, Guillaume Rochette, Sheila King, Peter Backman, the Drake & Morgan Management as well as the D&D Family who co-hosted the event. They all experienced Cecchini creating a new sauce – “Dario & Mario” – based on Curtice Brothers Organic Ketchup, his own olive oil and secret herbs. Cecchini said he had “adopted” the Curtice Brothers as he was “fascinated by their approach” and their ketchup recipe that contains 77% tomatoes. Bauer said: “Our ketchup is 100% organic, cooked in Tuscany and contains 50% less sugar and salt than the average ketchup.” Brothers Simeon and Edgar Curtice founded the brand in 1868 in Rochester, New York, but the name was abandoned in the 1940s.