When we started this journey almost 4 years ago, we would not have dared to dream of receiving so much incredible support from friends, acquaintances and icons of the industry; Danny Meyer, Alan Yau, Carles Tejedor, Henry Mc Govern and Gretel Weiss, among others, tasted and loved our ketchup. Those were awesome moments.

Then there are those moments in life that, while you are in the middle of them, you already know that you will never forget them. One of them was an encounter with Dario Cecchini, who is sometimes referred to as being one of the best butchers in the world. He belongs to the eighth generation of a family of butchers at Antica Macelleria Cecchini, located in the small Italian village of Panzano, an hour drive south of Florence.

The good and the great of the culinary world visit him, buy his meat and talk about him with near reverence. Prince Charles is an admirer of Dario’s products, Elton John bought Dario’s steak at auction and Jamie Oliver insists everyone should try his food.

We visited Dario one evening in January to get his sentiment on our organic tomato ketchup; he loved it so much that he gave Mario one of his aprons – signed and inscribed in honour of his father who was a butcher himself. The inscription says: „Karl, now your son is a butcher!“ – in that sense it became a manifesto of Dario’s and Mario’s dad’s hard and beautiful work.

We will never forget this evening.

A big thank you to Sara for the introduction and a bewildered MILLE GRAZIE to Dario who agreed to endorse our product and sentimental ambition to bring the old Curtice Brothers brand back to life. Watch Dario in action: http://cbro.co/2rrN4tK