Cooking delicious food is as simple as enjoying it. It requires neither skill nor expertise, neither talent for it nor a degree in it. Cooking is an act of love for which no cook-book can provide the recipe; it cannot be taught or studied, you either feel it or you don’t.

In fact, people who posses no magic at all can transform the simplest ingredients into a magical experience. My mother, for instance, doesn’t cook, she poaches and burns, yet all the years until I discovered what my friends’ mothers make for dinner I thought that her cooking rocks. Therefore, a cooking parent’s love is perhaps synonymous with a loving parent’s cooking, in that it enables even the illiterate cook to perform magic – at least in the eyes of their children. And it is this magic, which you inherit from your childhood heroine (or hero), not the expertise or technique, that enables the great cook in you.

Another useful ingredient that helps average cooking to excel is creativity, but this requires putting the recipe and the fear of failure aside. Children are born creative geniuses but as soon as they grow up, many are forced to trade their childhood ingenuity for a feeble mentality and delicious home-cooked food for frozen pizza. That is unless they are being raised by parents who foster curiosity and stimulate imagination rather than intimidating them out of their creative capacities.

Marco Simonis, the creator of Bastei 10 in downtown Vienna – a unique melange of a placid restaurant, an informal art gallery and a colorful boutique – was able to preserve his creative genius by growing up in a family of artists, design enthusiasts, admirers of the French culture and rigorous advocates of flamboyant family banquets on Sundays. His inherited appreciation of the Finer Things in life is no proposition for conspicuous consumption but the celebration of culture. Marco Simonis’ Bastei 10 does not merely serve to satisfy your hunger; it’s a charming gardener’s nursery in which your inner spirits blossom at the sight of this affectionately dressed space, the sound of cheerful birds and the smell of delicious food.

You will feel it.