The most delightful of days usually are the ones to which I wake up in the morning asking myself what to cook for dinner. Those are usually the days of pleasurable absorption at work, followed by a stop-over at the grocer on my way home and remembering the milk, a cold beer in the fridge and enough time to cook.

Anyone who happens to drop by unexpectedly on one of those evenings, never leaves before dinner. Even Lara, a dear friend who lives nearby, doesn’t dare to cut her visits short. Lara is vegetarian. And strangely enough every time she comes by we are having meat for dinner. This made me wonder: do we eat too much meat or are vegetarians just difficult to cater for?

That is until I found the answer at the  D E L I  in Vienna, a street-food shop run by three guys, one of them a carnivore, one a vegetarian and the third one vegan. Apart from our ketchup of course, they prepare everything in-house from fresh local produce, they make their own vegan ice lollies (e.g. strawberry-basil), they roast their own coffee and brew their own beer. Despite the three partners’ presumed frequent conflict of opinion, they created excellent vegetarian recipes which blend the most unexpected flavours into culinary accomplishments that beat any burger.

I get Lara’s rationale; I also adore those happily mooing country dwellers and could not eat a steak that I was previously introduced to socially. Perhaps due to ignorance or the conviction that a vegetarian meal cannot provide an equivalent pleasure, I have only managed to be a vegetarian between meals. This I might change. Apart from my bad conscience, I would not miss out on culinary pleasures, I’d be healthier and make Lara and some mooing country dwellers happier.