Perhaps you saw this recent picture of Barbara with the first six of five thousand bottles of our most recent ketchup production; we cooked almost 3.5 tons of delicious Tuscan tomatoes, 600kg of fruit and vegetables, 50kg of herbs and spices and forgot to add almost all the sugar. Of course we did not discover this mistake until it was too late.

We speculated if perhaps this year’s tomatoes lacked their usual sweetness or if the vinegar we used was too powerful or if we might have to store the bottles for a while to allow the sweetness to unfold. In the end it turned out that our Austrian diligence was absent while we scaled the sugar content: only ⅓ of the required quantity went into the ketchup while the rest is still sitting on a palette in the warehouse.

In our sorrow we decided to mix Bloody Marys: we filled our glasses up to the rim with ice, added our tomato sauce and poured vodka over it and discovered that our last batch of tangy tomato juice blends extremely well with Vodka – in particular with VKA’s Vodka from Tuscany which is made locally with organic wheat and the crystal clear water from the Apennine hills of Mugello.

We suspect that we have created a delicious Bloody Mary mix – by pure chance.

Allegedly it is not healthy to drink as many Bloody Marys as would be necessary to use up all of our 5000 bottles. We therefore would prefer you to do that:: if you want us to send you a bottle of the perfect companion for your next Bloody Mary, send us an email to!

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