The Tomato had just arrived on a boat from across the Atlantic when Joan de Joanes painted the world’s most famous dinner. Over the next two centuries, skilful farmers from Tuscany cultivated this versatile fruit into the modern Roma Tomato – the perfect base for many Italian dishes, rich sauces and Ketchup since it thickens naturally and needs less cooking time to retain its great flavor.

Neither the traditional Italian cuisine, nor our Ketchup would be conceivable without the Roma Tomato, of which we bought 3.5 tonnes from local organic farms – this equals approx. 60,000 tomatoes which we will squeeze into 8,000 of our brand-new bottles.

My car is packed with ten huge containers of naturally fermented vinegar from the Alsace-Lorraine region and one bottle of Swabian Dry Gin, which I will empty together with my brothers who will descend from Vienna and Zurich on this 6th Sunday after Easter to cook, dance and celebrate.