“If Barbara were an angel, I pray she’d watch over me” – from a song about ‘Barbara’ by ‘The Temptations’.

She did – in a sense – watch over all of us during our recent production in Tuscany where we cooked our ketchup for the first time on a larger scale: we chopped 600kg of fruit and vegetables, crushed 50kg herbs and spices, added sugar, salt and vinegar and blended it all together with 3.5t of delicious Italian tomatoes. And we don’t know how we could have done it without her and all the others. Thank you Sophia, Vittorio, Luca, Hassan, Andrea (to name but a few)!

Because our ketchup is crafted from the freshest ingredients, cooked at the lowest temperature and the shortest period possible, it has to rest in the bottle for one month to bring out its unique flavour before we can send it out to our favourite steak and burger restaurants around Europe.

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