The Curtice Brothers created their first ketchup in 1868 but records of the original recipe, however, did not survive. We therefore began our journey by searching through old cook books, vintage magazines and the internet for good advice on how to cook ketchup.

About one year passed until we had compiled a collection of old recipes from which we calculated a single one. Mysteriously we did not have to do much more but cook that recipe a few times, each round with the slightest modification to the proportion of ingredients and the cooking process. The best three batches we filled in small bottles for our first double-blind tasting to which we invited our brother Philipp and his son Sammy.

Among the four of us we tested 17 supermarket brands against our best home-cooked batches and were delighted by the results: two of our three prototypes scored 1st and 3rd. Some more fine-tuning led to a small test production in Tuscany and a week-long public tasting in London with more than 600 ‘Experts’ of which 60% voted our ketchup their favourite.

We have no idea how we could have created this recipe, because we are neither very good at cooking nor are we any sort of scientists; the only way to explain how we found our recipe might be, that the recipe found us.